Thamarassery Police Station

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Sub Division: Thamarassery

The Police Station was formed in 1940. This Police Station is a Janamaithry Police Station. Thamarassery Police Station is situated by the side of NH 212 Kozhikode Karnataka Highway near to Thamarassery old bus stand.The following are the important places coming under the jurisdiction of this police station Thamarassery Adivaram, Engapuzha, Parappanpoyil, Korangad and Churam View Point.

Jurisdiction details

The jurisdiction of Thamarassery Police station extends to Kattippara, part of Omassery, Puthuppadi, Thamarassery Panchayaths

Border Police stations

Balussery, Koorachundu, Koduvally, Kodenchery

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate I Thamarassery

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

Thamarassery Police station jurisdiction belongs to Kozhikode Parliamentary Constituency and in Thiruvambady and Koduvally Assembly Constituency

Government Institutions

Judicial First class Magistrate court I,II Thamarassery, Forest range office Thamarassery, ) Gramapanchayath Offices :-Thamarassery,Kattippara,Puthuppadi, Village offices:-Kedavoor,Raroth,Eangapuzha,Kattippara,Puthuppadi Sales tax Check Post Chungam, District Treasury Thamarassery, PWD Office Thamarassery, Civil station Thamarassery ( DEO office, AEO Office, Labour office, Employment office, Sub Registrar office,Soil conservation office, Agriculture office, Tibal development office, Excise office), Forest office Kanalad, Forest check post Adivaram Post Offices Thamarassery,Parappanpoil,Thachampoil,Perumbally,Puthupadi, Kuppayakkode, Adivaram,Kakkad,Kaithapoil,Chamal,Kattippara,Mylallm para LIC Office Karadi, KSRTC Depot Thamarassery, KSEB Chungam, Grama Nyayalayam Chungam, KSEB Puthuppady


Govt Taluk Hospital, Mother mary Hospital, Chavara Hospital, VV Hospital, Govt Ayurveda Hospital Kattippara, Govt Ayurveda Hospital Puthuppadi, Govt Veterinary hospital Eangapuzha, Govt Ayurvedha hospital Korangad, Govt Homeo Hospital Parappanpoil

Abhaya is an institution which offers shelter to mental patients is near Thachottukavu in Malauinkeezu PS limit.

Educational Institutions

IHRD College Korangad, LISA College Eangapuzha, Darul MA Arif Arabic college Putghupadi, Govt Higher secondary school Korangad, Govt High school Korangad, Govt Vocational Higher secondary school Korangad, Govt Higher secondary school Puthuppady, Mary matha Higher secondary school Eangapuzha, MGM Higher secondary School Eangapuzha

Banks and Financial Institution

SBI Thamarassery, SBT Thamarassery,Canara Bank Thamarassery,Kerala Gramin Bank Thamarassery,Federal Bank,Souh Indian Bank Thamarassery,Agricultural Development Bank, Kozhikode District Co operative Bank, Servise co operative Bank Thamarassery, Urban Bank Thamarassery, ICICI Bank Thamarassery, SIB Adivaram, Canara Bank Adivaram, Karassery co operative BankThamarassery, Muthoot Fincorp Thamarassery, Muthoot fincorp Eangapuzha, Manappuram finance Thamarassery, Kerala Gramin Bank Eangapuzha, Kodenchery Service co operative Bank Adivaram

Important temples and festivals

Kottayil Bhagavathi Temple, Vezhpur Siva temple, Mattuvai sreerama temple, Vishnu varahamoorthi temple Kedavoor, Chalil bhagavathi temple

Churches and Festivals

Karingamanna,Roman Catholic Bishops House Korangad, MountHebron Bishop House(Yackobites), Mary matha cathedral Thamarassery, Marthoma church Chungam, Orthodox Church Chungam, Churches at Eangapuzha Adivaram

Important Mosques

Odungakkad Makham Puthuppadi, Kedavoor Jumamasjid Chumgam, Juma masjid Parappanpoil , Juma masjid Karadi, Jumamsjid Korangad, Jumamsjid Velimanna, Jumamsjid Eangaouzha, Jumamsjid Adivaram

Tourism important places

Thamarassery Churam

The Thamarassery Churam, a hill highway with several hairpin bends which offers a scenic drive, became famous all over Kerala. Thamarassery Ghat Pass, also known as Thamarassery churam or Wayanad Churam, is along the national highway (NH 212) that connects Kozhikode with Wayanad. Since the road leads to Wayanad, this ghat pass is often called "Wayanad churam". There is a view point at the top of the ghat pass just after the 9th hairpin and before reaching Lakkidi which offers a beautiful view of the serpentine roads through the hills.

Main Projects through the PS

Students Police Cadet, Janamaithri Suraksha, School Protection Group, Clean Campus Safe Campus, Senior Citizen Help Desk, Women Help Desk.