Good Works Done 2018


SI of Mukkom and party seized 148 gram of NITRAZEPAM Tablets .

On 05.06.2018 believable information received by phone, the complainant seized 148 gram of NITRAZEPAM Tablets illegally possessed by the accused near the ‘Y’ bridge Mukkom, Thazhekkod Village, and arrested the accused .


Nadapuram police station Cr. 207/18 u/s 392 r/w 34 IPC .

On 14.05.18 at 14.30 hrs when the complainant parked his motor cycle at Kodiyandimukku, the two accused persons reached the place saying that they came from Nadapuram police station and demanded him to ride the motor cycle to the police station and on the way the accused forcefully took the money worth Rs. 369700/- from the complainant etc facts. On the basis of a complaint of the complainant Abdul Fahad, S/o.Ammad,Choyimadathil (H), Kallachi (PO) an FIR registered in Cr.207/18 u/s 392 r/w 34 IPC on 27.05.18 and investigation entrusted to Sri.Prajeesh.N,SI of Police, Nadapuram police station .

On the basis of a trustful information, it is revealed that the main accused of this case Faisal has gone to Assam to participate on a marriage function of his friend, I deputed Sri. Prajeesh.N, SI of Police, Nadapuram police station, Sri.Abdul majeed, CPO 9698, Sri. Roopesh,CPO 8957 for enquiry on 30.05.18 and they reached Lakhimpure district at Assam on 03.06.18 and by the help of Cyber cell located the place where the accused was residing. That place belongs to Khilomo station limit. By the help of local police they reached near the house which the accused residing and caught him by overcome all dangerous situations as the area is the boarder of Aruchalpradesh and also the presence of Bordo Terrorists.

As per the information from the accused Faisal, the other three co accused persons have arrested tactically from various places and produced before the Hon. Court.

SI of Mukkom and party seized 80 gram of Ganja .

On 11.05.2018 at 23.30 hrs while the complainant and party was on L/O patrolling duty received a secret information that a person was selling Narcotic Ganja near Abhilash theatre . SI and party reached at the spot and seized 80 gram of Ganja from the accused person and arrested him .


Police Personnel of Edachery PS save the life of a KSEB Contract Worker.

On 31.03.2018 around 02.30 hrs in the afternoon the contact worker of KSEB who was working on an electric post near Edachery Police Station, while working he was hit by electric shock and fell down from the post.Soon SCPO Prakasan KT and Dvr CPO Vimcy MV reached there and give him emergency first aid and took him to the near by hospital. The quick responce of these Police personnel saved his life .


SHO Koduvally and party seized 1.400 KG narcotic gancha .

On 22 .03.2018 at 14.50 accused in this case was arrested at Agasthyanmuzhi in Mukkom police station with 1.400 KG narcotic gancha illegally kept for sale and siezed the property .


Timely action of Police Personnel from Payyoli PS save the life of a woman.

On 30.01.2018 Police Personnel DvrSCPO 7691 Rajan, CPO 7908 Biju, CPO 8466 Sasi were on the way to Sessions Court Kozhikode to produce the accuse in Cr. No : 53/18, when they reached Korapuzha bridge, they noticed one woman jumped into the river from railway bridge. They stopped there and with the help of fishermen, they rescued the woman, take her to hospital in the police vehicle and saved the life.