Recent surveys and available literature show that substance use among children and adolescents is on the rise.  The problem is present in all socioeconomic groups, from metropolitan cities to small towns and rural areas, with new substance and multiple substance use being documented.  The fact that substances like tobacco, drugs and alcohol are seen as a gateway for young people to step into more heinous crimes requires a collective and concerted effort to tackle all the factors that can expose our children to such inappropriate activities.  As children spend most of their formative years in schools and other educational institutions, it is imperative to provide them with the safest and cleanest campuses.

Concerned about this, the Kerala government is launching a massive campaign to curb the increasing substance abuse and other anti-social behavior among students under the name of 'Clean Campus, Safe Campus', which the Departments of Home, Education and Health have come together to shape.  Implement this long-term campaign targeting students up to class 12 in the first phase.

Last updated on Friday 5th of January 2024 AM