Student Police Cadet
 The Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project is a school-based initiative that seeks to mold a responsible youth for a vigilant, peaceful and value-based society, for whom discipline and law-abidingness are a way of life.  Kerala Police has started the project with the cooperation of Education, Transport, Forest, Excise, Local Self-Government, Fire and Rescue and Sports Council departments.  It was formally launched in August 2010.

 The SPC training program includes various modules to facilitate learning inputs for each cadet to acquire skills required for future citizens through two years of physical fitness training, parade training, indoor classes, workshops on law and citizenship and field visits to government institutions.  Law Enforcement Judicial Offices, Mini Projects, Leadership Camps.
 Two trained teachers in each school facilitate SPC training as Community Police Officer and Additional Community Police Officer respectively.  Two drill instructors (police officers) have been detailed from the nearest police station to support them in physical training and parade.  District level project activities are monitored by the District Nodal Officer (nominated by a DySP) and the Assistant District Nodal Officer under the direction of the State Nodal Officer.

District Nodal Officer of DYSP NC Student Police Cadets in Kozhikode Rural Police District.  The SPC project is being implemented in 35 schools in Kozhikode Rural.
 Students Police Cadet Scheme was implemented in the schools of Kozhikode Rural District
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 HSS Memunda
 GVHSS Madapally
 GHSS Azhiyur
 GHSS Paioli
 GHSS Frog
 GHSS Mepayyur
 HSS Poilkao
 GVHSS Koilanti
 GVHSS Atholi
 Palora H.S.S
 MIM HSS name
 GHSS Kallachi
 RAC HSS Kadameri
 GHSS to Velli
 SI HSS Ummathur
 GHSS ring
 NHSS Vatoli
 Velom HSS Cherapuram
 GHSS Kavilumpara
 HSS North
 HSS Notch
 Chempanoda St. Joseph's H.S
 Kallanot St. Mary's H.S
 St. Thomas HSS Coorachud
 GHSS Thamarassery
 Koodatai St. Mary's HS
 St. Joseph HSS Kotanchery
 In MJ HSS Elet, Koduvalli
 GHSS Karuvanpoil
 VMHM HSS Anayamkunnu
 HSS Pavandur
 GHSS Nileswaram
 PTM HSS Kodiathur
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 GHSS Naduvannur
 AKKR HS Girls Chelanur
 GVHS Balushery



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