Vision & Mission

To preserve a high quality of life and feeling of safety for the people of Kozhikode Rural Beautiful, and committed to:- . Ensure optimum public safety and security to enhance a quality of life in the community through community policing at all levels. . Serve with professionalism, respect and concern for the community for preventing and detecting crime. . Develop an effective communication within the organization and with those we serve. . Promote a safe, equitable work place and suitable atmosphere for the professional development of employees to their fullest potential. . Develop quality law enforcement concepts and use technology, involving every member of the department in efforts to improve all areas of administration and operations. . Provide quality leadership at all levels, promoting transparency in decision making and ensure accountability. . Maintain the highest professional standards and shall bring honour to the profession and build trust, confidence and respect with the people of the city beautiful to ensure transparency in work to make a corruption free force. Build a strong police- public relationship for better inputs regarding criminals and prevention of crime.

  • Ensure safety and reduce disorders,
  • Reduce crime and the fear of crime
  • Contribute to delivery of justice, which secures and maintains public confidence in the rule of law


Last updated on Friday 22nd of April 2022 PM