Chombala Police Station

0496 2504600

Sub Division : Vatakara

Chombala Police Station was formed on 01.03.2009. The Station is functioning in new Police Station building near Azhiyoor Health Centre . Gazette Notification of the Police Station is GO(Rt).NO.3978/2008 HOME TVPM Dated 24.12.2008..

Jurisdiction details

Azhiyur and Onchiyam panchayaths come under Chombala Police Station

Border Police stations

Edachery, Vatakara, Interstate Border Mahe.

Jurisdictional Court

Judicial first class magistrate court - I ,Vatakara.

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

In comes under Vatakara Parliament and Legislative Assembly Constituency

Village officers are Aryanad and Vellanad villages.

Government Institutions

Sub Post Office Chombala – Mukkali, Harbour Engineers Office - Chombala Harbour, Mukkali Railway Station – Mukkali, AE Office Chombala – Mukkali, Telephone Exchange – Mukkali, Block Panchayath Office – Kunhippalli, Block Development Office – Kunhippall, MalsyaBhavan Azhiyur – Kunhippalli, Krishi Bhavan Azhiyur – Kunhippalli, Azhiyur Panchayath Office – Azhiyur Chungam, Azhiyur Village Office – Near Mahe Railway Station, Sub Register Office, Azhiyur – Near Mahe Railway Station, Mahe Railway Station – Mahe, Azhiyur Post Office –Azhiyur, Sub Post Office –Koroth Road, Sales TAX Office- Kunhippally, SC/ST Welfare Office –Azhiyur, Sub Post Office – Madappally , Onchiyam Panchayath Office –Kelu Bazar, Onchiyam Village Office –KeluBazar, Sub Post Office – Kannookkara, Nadapuram Road Railway Station - Nadapuram Road, Onchiyam Post Office – Onchiyam, Krishi Bhavan - Onchiyam , Chombala Telephone Exchange – Mukkali.


Vetinary Dispensary - Vellikulangara, Vetinary Dispensary – Kunhippalli, Primary Health Centre Azhiyur – Kunhippalli, Govt. Ayurvedic Dispensary - Azhiyur Chungam, Ayurvedic Dispensary - Kannookkara, Primary Health Centre – Madappally.

Educational Institutions

Govt.Higher Secondary School- Azhiyur , Govt College – Madappally., Govt. Fisheries High School (Boys)- Nadapuram Road, Govt. Fisheries High School (Girls)- Nadapuram Road, CSI Miller College- Mukkali, SMI Higher Secondary School- Kunhippally.

Banks & Financial institutions

Kerala Weavers Co-Operative Society- Kunhippally, Kerala Weavers Co-Operative Society- Kolaradu Street, Uralungal Labour Contract Society – Nadapuram Road, State Bank of Travancore- Azhiyur, Central Bank of India- Mukkali, Kozhikode District Co-Operative Bank- Azhiyur, Onchiyam Serivice Co-Operative Bank – Onchiyam, Uralungal Co-Operative Bank – Nadapuram Road, Co-Operative Bank,Azhiyur – Near Mahe Railway Station, Onchiyam Co-Operative Bank – Kannookkara, Kerala Gramin Bank – Vellikulangara, Vatakara Co-Operative Bank – Azhiyur, South Malabar Gramin Bank – Vellikulangara, Vanitha Co-Operative Bank – Kunhippally.

Important temples & festivals

Kolaradutheru Ganapathi Temple , Ayikkara Kurumba Bhagavathi Temple – Ayikkara, Azhiyur Koroth Road Nagabhagavathi Temple , Thayyil Temple- Onchiyam, Arakkal Bhagavathi Temple, Venugopala Kshethram – Azhiyur , Malol Temple – Onchiyam .

Churches & Festivals


Important Mosque

Kunhippalli Makkam Oroos


Kuttiady river pass through this station limit.

Historical important places

Kunhippalli Mosque

Kunhipalli has a masjid called Saidar masjid where Zainuddin Makhdoom the second's burial place situated under a tree who died in 1583 AD. The place has a wall boundary in the front of Kunji Palli, neither tomb nor epithet declares Sheikh's glorious past. A board in Malayalam language inscribed his name has been hung near his burial place. “Tuhfat al-Mujahidin? is a pioneering historical work of Sheikh Zainuddin Makhdoom 2 dealing with the struggles of the Malabar Muslims against the Portuguese incursion in India. As it is one of the greatest scholar's burial place it is visited by many believers even today.

Tourist important Place

Chombala Harbour

A view from Chombala Harbour

Chombal Harbour is one of the main fishing harbour in the district with a beautiful sea shore.

Main Projects through the PS

Students Police Cadet, Janamaithri Suraksha, Clean Campus Safe Campus, Senior Citizen Help Desk, Women Help Desk,Kadalora Jagratha Samithi.