Nadapuram Police Station

0496 2550225

Sub Division : Nadapuram

Nadapuram Police station was opened before the year 1910, which is known from the locals. The correct date of opening and Govt. notification is not available. The station was shifted to new building on 27.12.1994 vide GO CRt) 2524/93/Home Dt. 01.11.1993. and notification issued by Kerala Govt. vide No. GO CRt) 1996/04/Home Dt. 08.11.2004. Geographically Nadapuram Police station is situated almost in the centre of Police station area. .

Jurisdiction details

The Panchayaths in this station jurisdiction are Thuneri part of Ayanchery, Part of Edachery, Nadapuram, Purameri,

Border Police stations

Edachery, Vatakara, Valayam, Kuttiady

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court -1, Nadapuram

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

This station jurisdiction is in Vatakara Parliament constituency and Nadapuram and Kuttiady Legislative Assembly

Government Institutions

Nadapuram Panchayath Office Kallchi, Post Office Kallachi, Sub Treasury Kallachi, Nadapuram Post Office, Nadapuram Register Office , Nadapuram Village Office, P W D Rest House, AEO Office Nadapuram, KSEB Office Nadapuram, Krishi bhavan Nadapuram, Thuneri Panchayath Office, Thuneri Village Office, Thuneri Block Office, Thuneri Post Office, Edacheri Village Office, Tuneri Register Office, Purameri Panchayath Office, Purameri Village Office, KWA Office Purameri, Purameri Post Office, Kodenchery Post Office, Ayancheri panchayath Office, J.F.C.M Court Nadapuram, Munciff Court Nadapuram


Gov. Taluk Hospital Nadapuram, Gov. Ayirvedic Hospital Tuneri, Veterinary Hospital Tuneri, Govt. Homeo dispensary Thanneerpanthal, Govt. Homeo dispensary Kallachi, Govt. Ayirvedic Hospital Nadapuram, Vims Hospital Kallachi, Nursing Home Nadapuram.

Educational Institutions

Gov. College Nadapuram, MET College Kallachi, High tech College Kallachi,, RAC College Kadameri, IHRD Kallachi, Darul Hudha College Nadapuram, RAC Higher Secandar School Kadameri, Gov. Higher secondary School Payanthong, MIM Higher secondary School Perode, Higher secondary School Iriganoor, Kadathanad Rajas Higher secondary Purameri, TIM Higher secondary School Nadapuram, Commercial Institute Kallachi.

Banks & Financial institutions

Canara Bank Nadapuram, SBT Nadapuram, Federal Bank Nadapuram, Kerala Grameen bank Kallachi, HDFC Bank Nadapuram, ICIC Bank Nadapuram, Urban Bank Nadapuram, Purameri Co-operative Bank Nadapuram, Service Co-operative bank Nadapuram, SBT Kallachi, Canara Kallachi , KSFE Kallachi, Purameri Co-operative Bank Purameri, Canara Bank Tuneri, Purameri Co-operative Bank Thuneri, Corporation Bank Iriganoor, Iriganoor Service Co-operative Bank, Punjab National Bank Nadapuram, LIC Office Nadapuram, Sub treasury Kallachi

Important temples & festivals

Iriganoor Siva temple , Thuneri Vettakkarumakan Temple

Churches and Festivals


Important Mosques

Nadapuram Juma Masjid Nadapuram, Mudakkara Juma Masjid Nadapuram,.

Historical Importance

In history Nadapuram was the place which lies in between Kuttipuram Kovilakam and Kadathanad palace. The derivation of the name Nadapuram is widely known through 2 names like Nagapuram and Nadapuram (land of Music). Nadapuram is the place which is well known as part of the ballad of Kadathanad and is known all over Kerala. This land witnessed the padayottam of Thacholi Othenan and Unniyarcha in olden times.

Nadapuram Juma Masjid

Nadapuram Juma-Masjid is one of the main important historical place in this area .The Nadapuram Juma-Masjid is one of the oldest masjid in India and is 100 & more years old. It is also famous for its architectural design and beauty.

Main Projects through the PS

Janamaithri Suraksha Project, School Protection Groups, Senior Citizen Help Desk, Women Help Desk Student Police Cadet, Clean Campus Safe Campus